Silicone Softener Products

Silicone Softener Products

Extra handle and soft touch that you feel

A wide range of oils, polymers and emulsions. Reactive and Non reactive specialty silicones for all applications.

Biosoft 09 

Amino silicone oil. Amine number 0.6.

Biosoft 20

Modified amino silicone oil. amine number 0.2-0.3. Emulsions provides a low yellowing, hydrophilic and soft handfeel.

Biogal H 

Handfeel modifier, PU based.

Biosil Hydro NT 

Modified reactive silicone oil. Emulsions provide a  »high class« handfeel, very silky, soft, very hydrophilic. Low yellowing. Jet and pH stable.

Silsoft NS 

Hydrophilic silicone micro-emulsion.

Silsoft JN18 

Silicone micro-emulsion. Provides a super soft finish on garments.

Silsoft SH88  

Highly hydrophilic silicone quat. jet and pH stable.

 Biosol AMC 

Epoxy silicone. Jet stable, pH stable. »dry touch«, highly hydrophilic. Compatible with optical brighteners during padding.

Biosil X1000 

Sewing thread lubricant, silicone base.

Biosoft PS400  

High molecular weight polyethylene emulsion. Preserve fabric strength during glyoxal resin finishes.

Biosoft OET  

Esters base cationic softener. Very soft and full handfeel. Good hydrophilicity, low yellowing.

Biosoft NI 

Esters base Non-ionic softener. Soft and low yellowing.

Biosoft CS 

Cationic softener for soft and »bulky« handfeel.