Pretreatment Auxiliaries

Pretreatment Auxiliaries

Optimal preparation is everything

Biotex has a long history in the field of pre-treatment of textiles. A versatile range of wetting agents, detergents, emulsifiers, sequestering and dispersing emulsions for optimal scouring & bleaching results.

Biozym T

Thermostable high concentration amylase for the desizing of starch.

Biozym MTM

Thermostable high concentration amylase in combination with a special wetting agent for the desizing of starch.

Bioterge ST

Versatile wetting and scouring agent for all fibers. Can be used in continuous and exhaust. Anionic, terpenic base.

Biowet KK

Powerfull wetting agent for both continuous and exhaust. Anionic, high concentration.

Bioterge PC

Special detergent for pre-treatment of blends with elasthane. Non ionic.

Bioterge 10X

High power detergent, low foam for both exhaust and continuous.

Mercerizer 1802

Wetting agent for mercerizing and caustification. Anionic.

Bioterge DS

Rapid wetting agent, high concentration, low foam, alkali stable.

Bioquest 540

Sequestering and demineralizing agent.

Bioquest SA

Copolymer sequestering agent. acrylate/maleate.

Bioquest SY 45

High concentration sequestering agent. acrylate.

Stabilon PP

Inorganic stabilise for peroxide bleaching of cotton and blends.


Peroxide activator to allow peroxide bleaching at lower temperature.

Biozym PK

Catalase for removal of peroxide residues after bleaching.

Biocon WR

High performance catalyst for weight reduction of polyester.

Biocid ECO

Acid buffer and neutralizer.

Bioacid premium

eco friendly Acetic Acid.

Biocon SM conc

High performance, APEO free, low foaming wetting agent in concentrated form.

Bioocon PINKY

Potassium permanganate neutraliser in powder form.