Dyeing Washing Auxiliaries

Dyeing Washing Auxiliaries

Optimal preparation is everything

Biotex offer a complete range of auxiliaries for efficient and economical dyeing processes. Help customers reach highest quality and safety standards.

Bioquest SY 45

Neutral pH, high molecular weight polymer to enhance levelling of cotton dyeings with reactive and vat dyes.

Defoamer S

Highly stable silicone based defoamer.

Defoamer NS 

Non silicone defoamer.

Leveler PES Conc

Levelling and Dispersing agent, high concentration , for dyeing of polyester at high temperature.

Leveler SMK

Leveling agent for dyeing of polyamide with acids and 1:2 metal complex dyestuffs.

Leveler CLA

Leveling agent for dyeing of acrylic fibers with cationic dyes.

Biocol 2G

High class lubricant and anticrease for sensitive fabrics. Esters derivatives.

Biolube PP

Concentrate lubricant/anticrease in powder form.

Lubricon AC Conc

Polymer based anticrease. Economical.

Suprafix FRE Conc 

Polyamine based fixing agent for reactive and direct dyes. High concentration.

Biofix NFE Conc

Concentrated High performance non formaldehyde fixing agent.

Biofix PBC Conc

Concentrated formaldehyde base fixing agent for cotton.


Sulfinic acid for polyester R/C and machine cleaning.

Bioquest SY 45

High molecular weight sodium polyacrylate for reactive and direct soaping off.

Bioquest SNA 

High molecular weight copolymer for reactive and direct soaping off.

Antiback CS-100 

Antibackstaining for Jeans. Polymers and surfactants.

Antiback 200 

Very strong antibackstaining for reactive and direct soaping off. Polymer based.

Antiback MED

Anti-back staining agent in all process of denim and garment in powder form.

Bioterge QAC 

Peroxide accelator. Induces a »vintage« look on jeans. Also allows to remove stains after cellulose stonewash cycle.

Bioterge HE

Reducing agent to remove manganese dioxide discharges.

Biofix CAT 

Cationizing agent for pigment dyeing.

Biozym ESA 

Special enzyme for reactive dyes soaping off.

Biozym ACP

Acid cellulase for biopolishing.

Biozym NED

Neutral cellulose for biopolishing.

Biolub RF3 

Lubricant for yarn.

Bioterge MC Conc.

Special detergent for machine cleaning. Is able to »de-cationize« the machinery hence remove pigment stains and dirts.