BIOTEX Technical Innovation Summit in Pakistan 2nd and 10th of May 2017

a new record
Lahore: 157 participants*
Faisalabad: 137 participants*

As per our tradition​, ​we believe that strong partnership with local experts can create the right synergism which can generate the best value for our customers. By presenting our strength and vision holding two “​C​ustomer ​T​echnical Innovation Summits ” in Punj​a​b area in Pakistan on 2nd and 10th of May. The active participation and warm welcome to our new innovations has increased our level of commitment to deliver value for our customers through innovation, service and consulting support.


  • Bioguard C8 and C6 Series: Water & Oil  Repellency Technology based on Strong Flouro-Monomers
  • Bioguard Zero: Flourine-Free Water Repellency , Zero Fluoro and PFOA content
  • Durapret Series:  Easy Care Resins A range of high purity
  • ​G​lyoxal ​R​esins with high reactivity, from zero to medium free formaldehyde contents

To all who attended BIOTEX Technical Innovation Summit…Thank you!

BIOTEX Customer Summit could not have been the incredible success it was without you! We hope you had an amazing experience at the event and found this year’s Summit informative, educational and inspiring.  For our other Partners in the World, if you wish to have also a Summit in your countries like Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Brazil, please contact us.

*professional textile experts and customers

Biotex at trade fair: China Interdye 2017 Shanghai

We are truly grateful to all our partners who have given importance to our work by spending part of their time in our booth. The curiosity and the interest shown have, once again, demonstrated that our efforts and initiatives produce value in the textile chain. We like to think of our work not as manufacturers of specialty chemicals but as promoters of initiatives and challenges through which we keep alive the search for continuous improvement. The textile finishing is a way through which the individuality of each of us can create a great value and we are proud to support your success being your partners in the realization of your insights

New Bioguard Zero: Fluorine-free Water Repellency Zero Fluoro + PFOA

BIOTEX developed a unique and very strong repellent. Outdoor and sportswear textiles must meet particular climatic and functional demands. Textiles finished with our Bioguard fluorine-free alternative also show very good repellency and are simultaneously completely environmentally friend. BIOGUARD ZERO can show a wash resistance of more than 18 washes, a performance close to C6.

New Partnership with SNF Floerger

In addition to our own strong products we have entered a partnership with SNF Floerger France. A wide of specialty products thanks to our strategic partnership with the world leader SNF Floerger. Local Stock and Local Technical Support in Malaysia.